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The Marigold Girls™ book is a guide and workbook with activities and journaling, all rolled into one! It was developed by Dr. Palmiotto and written to 'tween and young teen girls one-on-one in a warm, honest and personal way.  The cheerfully illustrated, 130-page book is a must-have for 'tween and early teen girls who like to analyze the world around them and understand the "hows" and "whys" things happen to them and their peers. 

Most girls have heard the phrase “Mean Girls” before, but how many can say they really know what that means?  And if they do, how many girls have really ever been taught how to manage these relationships and the feelings that go along with them?  This book was written JUST for girls, to help them understand and navigate relational aggression.  By teaching girls how to recognize and understand the behavior of themselves and others, we give them tools to change their perspective in order to manage these relationships objectively and not become overwhelmed by taking them personally.  The book includes 8 chapters that each begin with educational information and then reinforce it with thoughtful activities and journaling.  At the end, girls are invited to participate in a 30-day journaling activity that helps reinforce the lessons learned.  Girls are encouraged to return to the book whenever needed, to revisit the information and apply it to whatever circumstances they are experiencing at that time.