Just a little about Dr. Palmiotto and Marigold Girls! 

For over 20 years, Dr. Kimberley Palmiotto has been a licensed Educational Psychologist and Licensed Counselor specializing in children's mental health and school neuropsychology.  With a comprehensive understanding of how children best communicate, she developed Marigold Girls™ to help girls, in particular, learn how to develop an understanding of their own emotions and sense fo self as well as how to navigate their social worlds.  It has transformed lives and improved overall school performance for tween and teen girls. 

Dr. Palmiotto has worked with girls from preschool through high school as a school psychologist and counselor in both school and clinic settings.  She has worked with individual and groups through  workshops and trainings as well as coaching individuals and families.

Teaching girls how to be authentic to who they are encourages them to identify and hold true to their values as they move through the challenging phase of puberty and young adulthood.  Teaching and preparing our girls to be independent problem-solvers in an ever-changing social environment is critical to their long term happiness, mental health and intellectual growth.  Currently, she conducts workshops for girls and parents to help navigate the world of growing up and parenting teen girls as well as offering tailored coaching programs for families that want more individualized help in navigating teen challenges specific to girls.

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