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Whether it is a specific question you want answered or an individualized guided plan to follow your Marigold Girl journey, you can book individual coaching sessions with Dr. Kim to support you as you learn and grow.  

4 session packages are offered to allow development of a tailored  plan specific to your needs.


for 4 virtual coaching sessions (50-Minutes each)

 Blooming Marigolds

Blooming Marigolds is an online course for girls.  The course is a multi-part series that uses online meetings to help girls understand how to mange their blooming relationships with other girls while being true to themselves!

  Here is what the classes include:

Managing Girls Relationships (Elementary-Age) - $100 

(Max of 8 per group)

This group was developed for girls between the ages of 8-11 and focuses on the basics of friendship skills as well as increasing an understanding of how girl friendships develop and are maintained.  The group is a workshop format and meets 4 times.  Topics addressed include:  Qualities of a good friend, the difference between teasing and bullying, how to manage common friendship issues (teasing, leaving out, etc), and steps too create a solid circle of true friends.

Managing Girls Relationships (Middle School-Age) - $155

(Max of 6 per group)

This group was developed for girls between the ages of 12-14 and focuses on the understanding how to be your authentic self while still managing the friendship drama around them.  The group is a workshop format and meets 5 times.  Topics addressed include:  Understanding what "being your authentic self" means, Learning the brain-based reasons behind girl drama, Relating and analyzing the elements of friendships to the people/friends in their life, how to manage girl drama and friendship conflicts, mindfulness techniques in relation to managing social conflict and confidence.  It uses the Marigold Girls Book (mailed to each registrant prior to the class) as a guide.  

Next Workshops Beginning Soon!

    Managing Girl Friendships

This class was developed to give younger girls a solid understanding of friendships and how to choose (and be) a good friend. This is a one session class that includes:

* What does it mean to be a good friend?
* Qualities of a good friendship
* Ways to make new friendships
* What to do when you or a friend is being left out or excluded
* Is it bullying or teasing?
* How to be a good friend to yourself too

Girl Power - Summer Boot Camp

This class uses brain-based research to help girls understand not only how they learn (which is a bit different than boys by the way) but also how to manage some of the changes they may be going through with family, friends, and even their own sense of who they are!  This is a part 1 class with the Girl Power Up as an ongoing support after girls finish
Session 1
What is girl power to you? Defining what Girl Power means
Session 2
What's happening in there? An introduction to how a girl's brain develops
Session 3
Building self confidence through Self love and acceptance.

                 Girl Power Ups

This class was developed as a meeting space for girls that have been introduced to the Marigold Girls Book or program. The class focuses on ways to support girls in their practice of using the techniques of being authentic to who they are, even in the face of challenges. It is necessary for participants to have either purchased and read the book or been a part of a previous Marigold Girls program to participate in this class since we will be discussing and sharing ways they have implemented the skills they have learned.
The weekly class will be structured with check in's for each girl to share some experiences from the week with guidance from Dr. Kim. A short mindfulness exercise will be included each week as well to provide the girls with practice in using mindful techniques as well as ask any questions or share challenges they encounter along the way. The goal of this group is to provide the girls with space to share openly and practice skills with each other that they may have difficulty doing in a "real-time setting".